Welcoming Festive Season 2015 with your Toddler:-)



The shinning evenings, the shopping kiosk, new clothes, jewelry,  the home cleaning and furnishing , the various dishes, the hustle bustle of relative’s, guests , socializing and topping all… “The excitement” for the whole atmosphere …yes here comes again the FESTIVE SEASON 2015.

But the festive season is different when you’re a parent of a toddler. Yes it’s totally agreed upon that along with running around toddlers and simultaneously handling the preparation of festive season could be lot more tiring, exhausting and frustrating.

They become cranky, irritated and insecure.

Fortunately we come up with few quick tips for all those mothers who would love to enjoy the festive season with their toddlers with out getting irked and stressed up .

IMG_2188   For your Toddlers:

  1. Shop Wise: Shop in advance first for your toddlers for the big day. Keep the comfort as priority while choosing the outfit to avoid his irritations during the festive time. Also start your festive shopping in bits and parts little in advance to avoid getting stressed out to shop all in 2 days time just before the festival.
  1. He / She will be too small to understand what is going around resulting in frustration and meltdowns. It may be sensible to leave him at home with relative or friend while you do your shopping or other outside tasks to avoid having to deal with a tantrum in a crowded public place or mall.
  1. Pay attention to your child’s cues like getting irritated, irked, demanding, throwing tantrums: put him down for a nap or bed to sleep time to time.. Never skip or avoid their  sleep regime.
  1. Never avoid and be rude to them just because you are over occupied and frustrated. This will make the situation worst and they won’t understand the reason of your behavior.


  1. Keep interacting with your little ones and involve them while doing preparation to make them understand our customs, decorations like rangoli, crafting, furnishing the house, preparations for Pooja etc .this will keep them busy, interested and involved.
  1. Though  you will be busy, still take quality time “alone” with your child. Sit with them share, interact play so that they feel mommy is around and is not avoiding them.

1358214207_5828_Relax  For Yourself:

  1. Share your workload with family members and relatives. From shopping to making new dish to arranging the house, attending guests involve every one to feel less burdened and organized instead of messing up doing everything single handed.
  2. Try to skip customs, traditions that require too much time and effort. Follow the simpler ones which you can continue for following years to come and are easy for your children to carry forward in future.
  3. Take time for yourself: Once you are over with the bigger tasks, now its time to pamper yourself. Spend time in your grooming, relaxation or attend spa or some simple beauty treatment a little before the event to feel rejuvenate and fresh.

4.  And last but the best one is Don’t strive for perfection and             excellence; your priority must be happiness, comfort and              enjoyment of yourself and your family.


Time for  positivity and prosperity to float around you ,

Glory and happiness surrounding us all 

Yes the Festive season is  here again.

Wishing you all the best time :-)

Celebrating “Festiveness” with Shanti Juniors :-)




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